"I am 5’5 and weigh about 125 pounds and although I am at my right weight  I didn’t feel good with the shape of my butt in my clothes. Its not that I wanted a bigger backside but just a better shape.  Booty pop fixed that problem for me and I am actually really impressed with how round and lifted it looks. I bought the Classic black licorice" Jessie T - Plano,Texas

"These Booty Pops are the BEST with jeans. Feeling Fierce!! Love what I see in the mirror." Jordan B- Nanuet, New York

"Going to the gym doing all these squats didn’t change the shape of my backside. It was frustrating how hard I was trying with all these different booty exercises. It was my trainer who told me that I will get more buttock muscle but would not ever be able to get those curves that I wanted. She told me about Booty Pop. So grateful for this no sweat solution :)"  Ava Z - Nashville, Tenesse

"My girlfriends love how Booty Pop makes us feel. We love the confidence it gives us. We have the choice about how we want to look and when. Instant gratification! " Jillian R-  Vancouver, Canada

"I read about Booty Pop in the Hollywood Reporter and watch the celebrities on the red carpet having a booty and I wanted to follow the trend. I bought a few pairs of Booty Pops and I am getting so many compliments!" Lisa N - Austin, Texas

"Getting ready for a party and kept trying on dress after dress and nothing made my butt look good. Booty Pop has made getting dressed up easier. So many of the dresses I never considered wearing now I can. Thank you Booty Pop!" Brooke H - Arlington, Virginia

"I am 5’3 and even though I weigh 160 pounds I have a really flat backside. I don’t like my proportion. I tried Booty Pop to give me that boost and I am so happy about how much better about I look in my clothes. I like that it not only makes my backside bigger but raises it."   Tanya D - Atlanta,Georgia

"No more sagging rear for me. Booty Pop make me look and feel ten years younger" Leslie R -  Chicago, Illinois

"I love that the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recommends Booty Pop panties as a safe alternative to buttock surgery. This can save so many risky and unnecessary surgeries. What a great solution!!  Latisha B - Dallas, Texas

"I can't live with out Booty Pop panties with all my dress and jeans. I'm hooked!" Katy R - Encino, California

"Looks amazing in my fitted black velvet dress that I wore to my office holiday party. I thought I might have to order the dress one size bigger then I usually do but that’s not the case since it just fills out the dress better. I also purchased the Extra Bootylicious pads that give me a choice in certain dresses to get even more curves." Jenny K - Cleveland, Ohio

"This was my first order and I am really happy. I was nervous that it would look fake and I would be self -conscious.I didn’t want a big butt just a little fuller and lifted. I put them on with my jeans and I asked my girl friends what do you think? They just wanted to know what brand jeans that I was wearing that made my butt look so great. They had no idea I was wearing booty pop.  I have many jeans I wasn’t wearing because I didn’t like how they made my butt look and now I can wear them."  Sammy R - Brooklyn, New York

"I got a gorgeous prom dress it looks great from the front but when I looked at my butt in the mirror it looked awful. With the Booty Pop panties it looks totally awesome in all directions. I have a side butt profile!  The pads are just the right size to give me the perfect shape. Thank you Booty Pop!"  Alexa C - Los Angeles, California

"I ordered the sale pack of 5 panties so glad I did. I wear them everyday and don’t want to wash them each day. I can’t  imagine not wearing them every day.  I got used to my new shape and I love it!" Jenna T  - Toronto, Canada

"I took before and after photos of me and my friends wearing Booty Pop. It really makes a difference. We love the transformation!  Thank you Booty Pop!" Tanya P -  Bal Harbour, Florida

"I always wore long sweaters to cover my rear because I felt insecure about its nonexistence. I thought that was just going to have to be my style to always cover it up. I heard about Booty Pop and I bought The Curve in  pink passion - so pretty! I don’t have to cover up any more and feel confident!" Anika S - Cambridge, Massachusetts

"I was really excited to order Booty Pop when I saw them on Kelly Ripa. I have her same body type. They really work!" Kim B - San Francisco, California

"I feel so comfortable and confident knowing that my butt looks great but also really natural. No one would know that I was wearing Booty Pop." Michealla N - Covington, Kentucky

" It's amazing that the American Society of Asthetic Plastic Surgeons

"I don’t like wearing shape wear that look like girdles.  I bought Booty Pops in a bright pink and orange. They are really cute panties that also shape you." Anika G  - Montreal, Quebec           

"The Booty pops are not expensive so I bought 7 pairs because they replace my regular panties. I don’t want one day to have a good butt and the next day to have no butt. I love how good I feel every day." Renata B - White Plains, New York

"This has changed my life and how I shop. I can wear clothes that I would never have before. I now have this shapely butt. I bought the Classic  Booty Pop the pads are non- removable and they stay in the exact right place so I never worry that they will move around. I have lots of curves but I wanted  even more booty and I love the confidence that Booty Pop gives me!"  Liz B - Birmingham Alabama

"Even in warm weather I wear Booty Pop with my shorts and skirts. I was worried I would feel too hot. But that wasn’t the case. I don’t even remember that I was wearing them . Really comfortable!"  Stephanie P - New Orleans, Louisiana  

"What a great solution! I always wear a padded bra but never thought about padding my butt. I bought the Booster Booty Pop with the removable pads so I have the option to put in the larger pads as well. I like that because in some of my clothes I need more of a boost." Sophia C - Nevada, Las Vegas

"Does a great job of actually lifting my butt. It looks like I do tons of squats!" Ricky T - Little Rock, Arkansas

"I have a very fitted designer black dress and when I put in on my backside looked extra flat as the dress was squishing it in…I  bought The Curve  Booty Pop and also the Extra Bootylicious pads and it totally transformed the dress. It made me feel sexy!" Kristi T - Aspen, Colorado

"I never really had a problem with my butt just wanted to enhance it - nothing dramatic. I like how it just gives me this very natural fullness. It wasn’t a drastic change. The Booty Pop pads are not silicone they are a foam that feels natural to the touch." Laila P - Boston, Massachusetts

"I was desperate to change my buttock and started to research plastic surgeons. It was actually that  surgeon that recommended Booty Pop and said I should see how I feel before I make any permanent decision.  I feel so confident in my outfits now and have put off my plan for surgery." Natasha V - Brynmawr, Pennsylvania

"No issues washing them - I wear them over and over again!" Tara Y - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"It looks great with all my jeans and  but don’t wear it with a silk dress it will show through." Shivani  L  - Arden Hills, Minnesota

"I lost a lot of weight and my stomach got really flat which I was glad but I was sad to loose my backside. I bought Booty Pop and got my booty back!" Destiny V - Los Angeles, California

"You should make XXL and Plus sizes too - we plus size women want a great butt too!!"  Maria H - Louisville, Kentucky

"Having the choice of two size paddings is really useful. Some of my clothes I don’t need the extra padding but with my jeans I wear the extra bootylicious pads. Amazing!" Deanna N - Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

"The fabric is soft and comfortable and you don’t feel like you wearing anything. It same like a padded bra for the butt." Cassie V - Tarzana, California

"It has always been difficult for me to buy a pair of jeans because when I turned around and looked at my butt  in the mirror it looked flat. It makes it so much easier with booty pop  since they make my jeans look so good! I pulled out all my jeans out of my closet that I wouldn’t dare put on before and now I am wearing them!" Grace T - Bellevue, Washington

"Thank you Booty Pop for giving me a great butt without the expensive surgery!"  Mimi B -  Alexandria, Virginia

"My wedding gown is fitted and I want my butt to look perfect. I bought the creme caramel Booster and got the extra pads. This way I can choose how much booty I want on my wedding day. Just tried them on - so happy!!  It really solved the problem. Amazing!!. 5 stars !!!! " Jaynie R - Trimble, Tennessee