Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the pads removable? 

A: Our Booty Pop Boosters and The Curve Booty Pop have removable pads that make it easier to wash the panties. Plus you now have the option of buying even larger size paddings. The more Bootylicious padding the sweeter the POP!  

Booty Pop Classics have non-removable, strategically placed padding to create a round, lifted booty. 

Q: How do you wash Booty Pop® panties? 

A: We recommend that you machine wash your Booty Pop panties on the gentle/delicates cycle in cold water using a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

Q: What is the fabric?

The Curve Booty Pop - 57% Cotton.38% Polyester.5%Spandex

Booty Pop Boosters -95% Cotton. 5%Spandex

Classic Booty Pop- 95% Cotton. 5% Spandex

Boyshort Booty Pop-95% Cotton 5% Spandex

Microfiber Booty Pop -90% Nylon.10%Spandex

Lace Booty Pop-100% Nylon

Q: Is Booty Pop® the panties that Kelly Ripa was wearing on Live with Regis and Kelly? 

A: Yes! Booty Pop panties has been getting tons of media attention-  The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Wendy William Show,The View, Martha Stewart Show, Jimmy Fallon, Kris Jenner Show .. .Booty Pop was on Entertainment Tonight fashion editors “must have” list. Booty Pop has also been featured in many national magazines like Self, Seventeen, In Touch and Life&Style Marie Claire...and The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Magazine, USA TODAY....

Q: Do they run 'true to size'?
A: Yes – see our easy-to-use size chart to find your perfect fit!

Q: What are the colors?

Q: Is there a cotton crotch or gusset?
A: Yes – made with super soft 100% cotton.

Q: Is it okay to use non-chlorine bleach?
A: If needed, yes, but make sure your bleach does not contain chlorine.

Q: Are the pads filled with a liquid/gel type material or fabric?
A: Booty Pop panties use a lightweight, seamless foam fabric that is formed to make your booty pop!

Q: Should I wash in a lingerie bag?
A: While it is not necessary – using a lingerie bag would help prevent snagging the fabric.

Q: Does the padding look natural?
A: Think of how a padded bra enhances your bust line - Booty Pop naturally enhances your curves in the same way!

Q: Does the padding 'feel' real if someone pats my bottom?
A: Booty Pop panties not only look natural they also FEEL natural. Try them out no one will know your booty secret!