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History of the Prominent Booty                                                                                

- In Primeval Days, the buttock was the primary sexual attraction, not the breast (It all goes back to the caveman!).

- In Ancient Greece, Spartan women performed bottom kicking. They would kick their booty to make it bigger and firmer.


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Big Booty Big Business

TV's top reality stars have it, pop stars sing about it, and the hottest celebrities in town flaunt it. And if two, self-made entrepreneurs have their way, every woman in the country can now instantly have it.
“It” is rounded, curvy, lifted backsides, made possible by Booty Pop padded panties. The panties that have revolutionized fashion to turn flat behinds into fab bootys much like the padded bra reinvented cleavage.

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Lisa Reisler / Lisa@BootyPop.com
Susan Bloomstone / Susan@BootyPop.com

There was a time when women would do almost anything to minimize their buttocks, from wearing girdles, control tops and rigid shapewear. Today, women of all ages and sizes can choose to have that bootylicious look that our pop culture has embraced in celebrities, music and fashion.

Enter college friends and self-made entrepreneurs Susan Bloomstone, a former PBS television producer, and Lisa Reisler, former Fashion Director, co-creators of Booty Pop® panties.

Meet Booty Pop® Creators Susan and Lisa. Watch USA TODAY >>



Q: What inspired both of you to create Booty Pop® panties, an undergarment that highlights a woman's bottom?

Bloomstone: I was reading a New York Times article about the dramatic increase in buttock implant surgery and how more and more women were asking their cosmetic surgeons for a behind like the celebrities admired for their booties. The backside used to be something you wanted to disappear, but now it's something you show off. But I felt strongly that there had to be a safer, more fashion-conscious way to showcase the backside.

Reisler: As a former Fashion Director, I saw the bootylicious trend ahead of the curve. The emphasis on the booty was growing over the attention cleavage was getting in the celebrity spot light!

Our solution was Booty Pop®...I wanted it to be a fun, flirty and functional and an everyday accessory. 

Candy theme colors and fun sizing from sweet, sweeter to sweetest (small, medium, large). It is the time to empower women to celebrate their curves...not hide them.

Q: How did you first launch your product?

We're both big fans of CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and he was very enthusiastic about the product. In fact, he said Booty Pop® was the greatest name of all time - and that's when the media took notice and soon were captivated by the whole bootylicious craze. 

Reisler: Within a few months, Booty Pop® panties were featured on The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight's “Must Have” List, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Martha Stewart Living - and on Live with Regis and Kelly, co-host Kelly Ripa was the first celebrity to proudly wear her Booty Pop® panties on her show and said, “I may never take these off!” 

Bloomstone: Sherri Shepherd wore her Booty Pop® panties on The View and was teased by Whoopi Goldberg that she had undergone expensive Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery. Sherri revealed she was wearing Booty Pop® panties because she “always wanted a booty!” 

Q: So, it’s all about the booty now?

Everywhere you look, the emphasis is on the booty. Celebrities are showcasing their perfectly shaped behinds instead of the usual cleavage on the Red Carpet. Women are at the health clubs, doing squat regimens to try and attain that rounded, lifted booty. What is interesting is that this obsession with the booty actually goes back to the Victorian age, when women wore bustles to enhance their backsides.

Reisler: The success of Booty Pop® panties has come about very quickly. Its retail debut was at celebrity fashion mecca Kitson in Los Angeles, where the panties were “flying off the shelves.” We now sell on our site to customers all over the world so all women can have access to an instant bootylicious booty! 

Q: Lisa, you’ve been creating and producing internationally-recognized products since you were in your teens.

Yes, in my early teens, I was designing sneakers and sweats, and actually developed the first healthy cookie, “One Smart Cookie.” After my son was born, I created the original plush animal backpack, when I took a plush teddy bear to a shoemaker and asked him to put backpack straps on it. People everywhere were stopping me on the street to ask, “Where did you get that?” It was licensed to Sesame Street and other major brands.

Q: So bootylicious is here to stay?

Absolutely! We want to change the way women get dressed in the morning: first, their Booty Pop® panties, and then their jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts. Behind every great out fit  is a pair of Booty Pop® panties!

Q: What can we look forward to with future Booty Pop® products?

We are so excited that Booty Pop® panties have become a part of pop culture and the social media scene. Big name manufacturers like Nike and American Apparel are now focusing their advertising around the booty. We’re looking forward to expanding the Booty Pop® line to athletic wear, swimwear, jeans and sneakers. Like we say, “Booty Pop” is a poppin’!